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Simone Sharpe is a cancer and life-threatening blood disorder survivor.

Diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at 15, and the most severe case of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura that South Africa had ever experienced (in 2008) at 18, she has been through many rounds of chemo, radiation, various operations, and treatments. She lost most of her hair twice, but like her spirit - it comes back with a vengeance.​


Due to the treatments, she developed Avascular Necrosis in her shoulders (meaning the blood doesn't flow to the bone, and the bone dies), which resulted in her having to have a shoulder replacement. She now has a titanium humeral head on her left shoulder. 

Undoubtedly, these setbacks have shaped her life. The dominant factor is a determination to smile despite the struggles. There has been confusion, pain, and anger - but never self-pity or the loss of her smile or sense of humour. 

Through it all, and the many other life experiences she's acquired in her 34 years, the two main lessons that she would like to share that have helped her: firstly, to stay active, in any way, to just get moving - preferably outdoors. 

The second lesson is to hold onto and not lose sight of the fact that as long as we are breathing, there is life in us, and life is beautiful. In joy and suffering, it is beautiful.


By occupation, Simone is a social media strategist, writer, and content creator - freelancing for a host of different adventure brands/ events and public figures.

She does live coverage of events, with behind-the-scenes content and a post-event write-up.

She is always curious and has a wide variety of interests, as well as being a registered freelance tourist guide. 

Please get in touch if you believe she could be of service to you/ your company or event.

Any free time she has is spent in nature, either hiking with her two beloved dogs, Douglas the Rottweiler and Poncho, the flat-nosed Pekingese, taking part in (and organizing her own) triathlons, free-diving and exploring new natural wonders, and picking up litter along the way.

She does occasional modelling jobs, despite feeling awkward about it, but as she says with a laugh, "I've got dogs to feed!"

She is currently working on her autobiography, "I am Titanium".

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