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One Year No Beer

The 25th of March was my 1-year no-booze anniversary.

I forgot on the day, which I’m chuffed about - the fact that it’s not that much of a consideration anymore for me to remember.

Still, it’s a pretty big deal considering the relationship that I’ve had with alcohol since I was a teenager.

I come from a town that knows how to knock them back and I think both because of my personality and because of my health struggles and the emotional trauma as a result, I always knocked even more back.

After overcoming the blood disorder, drinking was almost like a reintroduction to life again after fighting for mine.

Before discovering mountains, I found solace in bars and clubs, going out with friends and drinking enough to make me feel a little less.

It was FUN. I’ve had some wild, awesome nights, that I don’t regret at all.

The next day was never fun though. It was always a write-off. No chance of meaningful work and no chance of training.

It wasn’t always like that. In recent years, I calmed down a lot and the piss-ups were few and far between but the rubber arm was still there - it’s too easy to go from two beers to all the beers given a nudge.

As I neared the one-year mark, I started wondering if I should allow myself the occasional glass of wine or beer again.

I do miss it sometimes. I love the smell of a good red wine and oh man, I love an ice-cold beer on a hot summers day.

But I know that my life is better without it.

I share this as a kind of journal post and also as encouragement for anyone who would like to give it up (for a short while or forever) - you can do it.

And all the ways that you imagine it might be good for you if you do stop: you’re right.

I never thought that I would be someone who didn’t drink.

When you’re boozing, the people who don’t drink seem pretty boring 🤦🏽‍♀️ (sorry non-drinking friends, I am proudly one of you now).

Turns out: “boring” is peaceful and peaceful is glorious. Rest is good. Never being hungover is fantastic. Never missing work or a run/ ride because of my own failure to call it a night when I should have is the way it should be.

Who knows what the long-term future holds but I’ll sign up for another year.

Pic by my dear friend Jacques Marais from when I was still on the wagon 😅

If you would like to join me for a year of sobriety, please do.

And feel free to send me a private message about it if you would like, whether you're committing to it or not.

In South Africa, a heavy drinking culture is the norm. We tend to go hard and stepping away from that can be challenging.

(No judgement from me here - I used to be the main instigator.)

I know the struggle and I want others to know they're not alone and we are capable of change.



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